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Zeb 5-DAYS
Artnr: WYZB-5D
Zeb 5-DAYS
Zeb 5-DAYS
Zeb 5-DAYS
Zeb 5-DAYS
Zeb 5-DAYS
Zeb 5-DAYS
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Workchair Zeb medium backrest adjustable lumbar support with pump, choose your fabric, high ergonomics and flexibility. Black rasied base (Std) with soft castors 65 mm for hard floors. Tension soft mechanism: hight adjustable backrest 60 mm, inclination of the backrest 20°, of the seat 10°, 6 locking positions. Seat negative inclination -3° and 62,5 mm sliding seat. Sit height adjustment with gaslift, tension adjustment for your preferred resistance. Tested for EN norms and 5 years warranty. Configure the chair with polished base, adjustable headrest and armrests 2D or 4D. For complete info see our productsheets.

Zeb 5-DAYSProductsheet
Zeb 5-DAYSCoulors&Fabrics
Deliverytime: 5 workdays

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