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Holmbergsbordet is a family business and one of the world's most experienced motorized table manufacturers. Since the mid-1980s, brothers Bo and Hans Holmberg enabled continuous product development that made the tables what they are today: high-quality products characterized by exquisite design.

A new generation of Holmbergs now runs the company with the same Holmberg spirit and with many attractive concepts that drive development of ergonomic tables and interior. The goal? To facilitate safe, satisfying, problem-free workplaces for customers. Holmbergsbordet puts people first. And not just when it comes to buying tables. Its products are investments in comfort, pleasant work atmospheres, and efficiency.


Service and Support

Holmbergsbordet's concept is to create confidence by giving customers professional assistance so they feel totally secure with the company and its offerings-with everything from sales to assembling tables. Holmbergsbordet's services range from sketches and interior design proposals to follow-ups and maintenance of existing tables at customers' sites. We do everything we can to meet customers' expectations and keep their trust.



We will continue to be a leader in product development and manufacturing of ergonomic workplaces that put people first when it comes to furnishings, accessories and interior.

Holmbergsbordet will be first in mind when people talk about work environments and ergonomic solutions. The future has no limits-just opportunities.


Company information
Holmbergsbordet AB - Borgargatan 21 - SE873 71 Nyland - Sweden
Ph. +46 612-224 35 - Fax. +46 612 -222 12 - E-mail. info@holmbergsbordet.se - Webb.www.holmbergsbordet.se


Our Office in Nyland in the High Coast Area in Sweden



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