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Our big-little company has the benefits of a little company yet resources that are available to a bigger company. Holmbergsbordet is flexible, which means fast deliveries.


It's easy to rebuild the tables in instances when work situations change after tables are purchased. This adds value when it comes to efficiency and economics.  We customize your workplace, and the only limitation is your imagination.



The Nyland production facility is beside a river in a beautiful northern valley along Sweden's Baltic coast. Throughout the years, Bo and Hans Holmberg came up with many excellent, innovative ideas that made their products synonymous with total ergonomics. Production is continuously developed to achieve even higher quality and shorter manufacturing times. And the result? Fast, secure deliveries to Holmbergsbordet's customers.


The product line contains tables, accessories and interiors for all individuals and work environments. Right now, you can get many different fixed, conference and adjustable, motorized table bases that can be combined and adapted in almost endless variations. These user-friendly tables can be easily restructured or changed at any time.


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