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Our promise to you !

Together we cooperate to create the best possible solution for your office and workplace. 


1.The first contact and meeting

Together we analyze the project and requirements.


2. We present an interior design proposal

A interiorr design proposal is presented according to the requirements. We also present ideas and suggestions on possible improvements.


3. Meeting and discussion

Together we rewiew the proposal and discuss if there is any adjustments/changes to be made. A presentation of the qouted products will be made.


4. Support and decision

We have a meeting with the decision-maker and the users to make the final decision.


5. Order

You place your order and an acknowledgement of the order is presented in a couple of days. There is important that you go through the information to check everything is according to the order. After that we together decides when delivery is gonna be made according to the deliverytime mentioned in the acknowledgement.


6. Delivery and installation

If you have ordrered delivery we deliver with our partners.

If you have ordered delivery ans installation, we or our partners deliver and install.  


7. The office/workplace is ready to use

Everything is finished and ready to use, we hope you are satisfied and everything is as planned. 


8. Feedback

We have a meeting about the products and if any adjustments is needed ro you have any need for additional products. We decide when to follow up.

9. Follow-up
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